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Those who believe in “We the people”,

now have a target on our backs. 

We support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as written. 

We support a fair and just Constitutional Republic

that has full checks, balances, and accountability. 

Now we are finding that we have a Target on our Back.

Seventy-five to eighty million people are being marginalized

for supporting our 2nd amendment rights,

freedom of speech, and freedom of religion as well as others. 

We are being censored and punished for our beliefs.

Some are calling us racist, bigots, anti-Semitic, and communists.


The same hypocritical people who claim peace and unity use fear tactics,

censorship, and threaten our livelihoods and safety. 

They burn our businesses and property, forcing us to live in fear. 

They seek to suppress us; they rejoice in our fear; feeling it is justified.

They are creating a list to blacklist us and to destroy us. 

WE the People have a TARGET on our back. 

But we will continue to fight for our Constitution and our Rights.

We will not stop.

We will not give up...

Even if we have a target on our back.

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